Taken Wine Co. Complicated Chardonnay 2012 750ml

– Taken Wine Co. Complicated Chardonnay 2012 750ml – Sonoma Valley
List Price: $ 18.64
Price: $ 18.64

Merchant: Saratoga Wine Exchange
Brand: Taken Wine Co.

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Question by shaso10: some problems with storing wine?
if i had a ton of wine, where would i store them. Im gonna make myself a wine rack for DT, can some of you tell me problems with wine bottles and their storage.

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Answer by Jonah
For long term storage you want:

– a place that is somewhat cool and preferably a constant temperature usually in the upper 50’s You can get more specific here is a chart: http://www.bettertastingwine.com/temperature.html

– a place away from direct light.

– a place free of vibration.

– Racks to allow the wine to be stored on it’s side so that the cork or other closure remains moist so it does not dry out and allow air to get in and out of the bottle.

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Question by Fred S: Can you suggest a good wine?
Something to just drink for pleasure. I am not a wine connoisseur so I am just asking.

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Answer by Sabine
I like pink Tavel and red Lirac and if you are looking at varietals, Semillon makes me burst into song. Sometimes literally.

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Question by kelly: What makes a great wine and how can we simply choose the best wine?
Plus,what is the ideal percentage of alcohol in a wine for the wine to tastes great?And which is better,white wine or red wine?Thanks for answering.

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Answer by Tarquinius The Proud
An old wine buff once told me that the best wine is quite simply the wine you like best. There are no rules for which wine to drink with what although of course common sense does suggest that a sweet dessert wine does not go well with fish, but it is at the discretion of the consumer at the end of the day.

I would say that wines between 12-max18% proof are good with meals, more than 18% they become too strong and overpowering, more like ports and sherries and not so great with food. Port and stilton are a good combination however. Anything less than 12% does not have much body and becomes watery.

Another thing to take into consideration is the vintage. Different years may be good and bad, always worth checking up. Some wines do not mature well either, for example South African reds are not worth keeping more than about 2-3 years, whereas French reds can keep for decades…

I prefer red wines, a chianti Collina Lucchese San Giorgio is a good one for example and also Aglianico. I don’t like Italian primitivo as it is too strong and has a bad aftertaste in my opinion. I am not keen on Italian white wines, either sickly sweet or like acid. A good German white on the other hand is another question. I also like South African wines although they tend to give me asthma for some reason, a pity, I think it is the sulphur dioxide used as a preservative in some wines from hotter climes.

At the end of the day “de gustibus non disputandum est”,. don’t be fooled by wine snobs either, a ?10 bottle can be as good as ?500 bottle and both can be corked of course.

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