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There’s a ton of debate on why this or that style of glass is better for a particularly varietal or style. Different manufacturers think a wider or curvier or taller bell is in order for different wines. Basically, large mouth glasses are used for reds to expose as much of the wine as possible to air and tight mouth glasses are used for whites to concentrate the nose and change how you drink the wine. Flutes and dessert glasses are more about size and effect, I think. After that, who knows how much is science vs art vs personal taste.

In my opinion it’s worth it to get a decent red, white and fluted set. Even if you go with something basic, the upgrade from simple glassware to true wine glasses is worth it. If you drink an enormous amount of wine and have a very developed palate you might want to upgrade to true Bordeaux glasses and Merlot glasses and so forth, but you’re only going to improve it a tiny bit and most wine drinkers wouldn’t notice the difference.

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red wine is nice with a meal such as lamb or steak, White is nicer with chicken or fish. I don’t like how red wine is room temperature, so i prefer white or rose because it is chilled and slightly easier to drink. And if you drink a bottle of red the next morning your gunna feel it – It gives really bad hangovers!

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