Teira Wines Zinfandel 2011 750ml

– Teira Wines Zinfandel 2011 750ml – Sonoma Valley
List Price: $ 13.24
Price: $ 13.24

Merchant: Saratoga Wine Exchange
Brand: Teira Wines

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Question by mandbturner3699: recipe for banaba wine??
I would be pleased if someone could assist me with step by step directions on how to make wine

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Answer by heartbroken
Searched for banana wine : Found 9 recipes

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Question by Precious: What is the best Red Wine?
I need some help! I have purchased numerous bottles of wine searching for a taste that would be something like Umberto Fiore Moscato D’Asti white wine. Except I’m looking for a red wine (for it’s health benefits). Is there a Red wine out there that tastes like Moscato? I’m definitely not a wine Connoisseur

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Answer by Jerry the Tactful
Go to a winery and taste test.

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Question by curious: What baked goods go with wine?
No particular wine there will be many tasting there. Chocolate covered pretzels? Cupcakes? Any ideas?

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Answer by CONEHEAD
Bread and beer is natural fit. Try soft pretzels and a helles lager. Heavier bocks are good with dark cakes {Chocolate} like a Sachertorte .

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