Steele Wines Chardonnay Dupratt Vineyard 750ml

– Steele Wines Chardonnay Dupratt Vineyard 750ml – Mendocino County Mendocino Ridge
List Price: $ 28.34
Price: $ 28.34

Merchant: Saratoga Wine Exchange
Brand: Steele Wines

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Question by nickygirl: Wine = headache?
I get headaches sometimes when I drink wine. Why not all the time? Does red wine or white wine give more people headaches?

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Answer by Sean M
i do,, even when its just a little

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Question by swish: Should alcohol free wine be called wine?
Doesn’t calling something wine imply that it has been fermented and is that not one of the reasons why it is called alcohol?

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Answer by BlueOctagons
I’ve never heard of non-alcoholic wine. Wouldn’t that just be juice?

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Question by Joanna: What is the strongest wine?
What is the strongest wine?

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Answer by gamerunner2001
Generally, the sugar in wine grapes will ferment out to about 13% max, giving you a dry wine. Not specific to one type of wine although usually it will be a red. Now, that doesn’t not include the “Fortified” wines which have alcohol blended into them….Port, Sherry, MD20-20.

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