Don't you know the different categories of wines available? Don't lose your heart when we are there.

Wines can be produced from any vegetable and fruits. But the most commonly used is grapes which are normally referred to as grape wine or simple wine. Wines fall into three basic categories - the white, rose and the red.

Wines contain sugar in them. The wines with less sugar content will be drier than those wines which have more sugar. If you have visited a wine store, then you will be able to remember that the bins are classified as numbers say 1, 2, 3 etc. The wine bin which has the highest number will contain the sweetest wines.

The normal wines contain alcohol anywhere between nine percent and twelve percent. But sherry, port as well as brandy contains alcohol at a minimum level of twenty percent.

The alcohols which are distilled are known b y the name of spirits. The alcohols like sherry, port and brandy are the distilled form of grape wines. But liqueurs are normally distilled forms of fruit wines. These types of distilled wines are used before meals. These may be or may not be accompanied with an appetizer.

Table wines are served surprisingly with the dinner. These types of wines have a dry nature which will complete the food which is served. The general rule for serving table wine is that:

1. if you are serving red meat, then serve only red wine and
2. if you are serving white meat, then serve only white wine.

But if you do not know which wine to serve, then you can opt for a rose wine.

The category of wine which can be served as dessert is the dessert wine like sauternes.

One can serve sweet wines or wines that are fortified, after the dinner.


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