Lady Lola Wines Pinot Grigio Moscato 750ml

– Lady Lola Wines Pinot Grigio Moscato 750ml –
List Price: $ 14.44
Price: $ 14.44

Merchant: Saratoga Wine Exchange
Brand: Lady Lola Wines

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Question by beaglesnbees: bottling wine in mason jars?
Will the rubber seal on mason jar lids tant wine if I store wine in them?

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Answer by Iffy
I’m pretty sure. It will make an airtight seal… corks are usually used so that the wine can breath a little (on good wines, that is).

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Question by bored: does aging cheap wine work?
you know how you age a bottle of good wine for how ever many years it tastes great.

well does that work with cheap wine also??? really cheap wine …lol

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Answer by Falcon_01
sometimes, but not always.

There was an article not long ago about an auction of what started out as a cheap bottle of wine that was actually sold at a higher price than the others which were collector’s items- simply because nobody ever saved the cheap ones from that year and there weren’t any left. So, if you’ve got 30 years to kill… you could try it and see what happens.

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Question by billliang3077: Is red wine heathy for kids or adults?
Is red wine helathy for you?

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Answer by
Yes, in moderation for both lol.

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