Rare Wine Co. 4 Grape Blend 750ml

– Rare Wine Co. 4 Grape Blend 750ml –
List Price: $ 10.54
Price: $ 10.54

Merchant: Saratoga Wine Exchange
Brand: Rare Wine Co.

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Question by amanda: Good wines?
Whats your favorite wine?

Best answer:

Answer by Juls
Fonseca…it’s a Port wine

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Question by green apples: Which is the most expensive wine?
Which wine are the most expensive?

Best answer:

Answer by Guinevere
1907 Heidsieck

$ 275,000

Lost in a shipwreck, this bottle was part of a shipment to the Russian Imperial family in 1916 and was discovered by a ship driver in 1997. Each bottle sold of Heidsieck sold for $ 275,000.

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Question by clothes89: What is a good wine in UK?
What is a good red wine in Scotland? ?

Best answer:

Answer by Weatherman
A good red wine in Scotland is exactly the same as a good red wine elsewhere.

I assume you mean one that can easily be found in Scotland.

Most Gallo wines are fine, as is Wolf Blass.

But as I don’t know what sort of red you like I can’t help any more than that

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