Nostos Wines Alexandra’s 2009 750ml

– Nostos Wines Alexandra’s 2009 750ml –
List Price: $ 16.74
Price: $ 16.74

Merchant: Saratoga Wine Exchange
Brand: Nostos Wines

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Question by sunny side up: Wine suggestions when I dont like wine?
I would love to like wine but the 3 or 4 times I have tried it I just didnt like it at all. AT ALL. Does anyone recommend a certain type/flavor, etc. to try? The only tye I have tried is white, dont recall the brand, etc. Im not too interested in red wine as I hear it offers a mean hangover (and stains) hehe So white wine suggestions please!

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Answer by Paul in San Diego
Try white Zinfandel. It’s a blush wine (not white or red) with a bit higher sugar content than reds or whites. So, it has a sweeter, fruitier taste, unlike the bitterness of a red and the sour taste of a white. It’s a very common and inexpensive wine.

Another suggestion is a Chardonnay that has been processed with malolactic fermentation. This is where malolactic bacteria is added to the wine to convert the tart malic acid to a kind of buttery lactic acid. This results in a very smooth taste to the wine without the tartness that’s usually associated with white wines. These can be hard to find unless you go to a specialty wine store and can be expensive.

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Question by : What category of alcoholic beverage is wine?
Scotch, gin, vodka….Those are all liquors. Wine is not.

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Answer by inthekitchen
Wine is it’s own category.

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Question by hairguru: what are wine based cocktails?
what are some examples of wine based cocktails?

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Answer by Heather B
One of the most famous is the spritzer, made with white or red wine, soda water, and fruit juices; the champagne cocktail, if you are counting sparkling wines, cava’s, and champagnes in this category, is ancient; granita’s made with juices and wines are nice summer drinks; yukkaflux (deadly); and of course that famous concoction of red wine, honey, and fruit.
There are many, many combo’s for wine cocktail’s, limited only by the imagination. One of my favourites is using slightly older wine, red or white, mulling spices, and tea. Prepare the hot tea with the mulling spices, chill, add the wine, and serve over ice. ” Spicy Iced Tea with wine”. It’s nice for B-B-Q’s.

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