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To summarize, in choosing wine; exorbitant prices, quality and location sometimes just won’t cut it. Wine tasting is there so you can determine what wine you like, and what suits your taste. Therefore, buy the wine that you like, and drink the wine that you like. Wine chooses its drinker, and the drinker chooses its wine. It is a matter of preference. If your peer likes this wine, do not force yourself to do so. It will merely souse your spirits and make your wine experience a bad one.

Tannins are some of the things that you will encounter as a wine taster. It is the astringent bitter taste you get when drinking wine, or even just biting a grape that was picked straight from the vine. Tannins come from the seeds and skin of the grape. It could also come for the barrel that was used to age the wine. Airing wine cannot reduce the tannin level or taste, but it can sure help control it.

Airing releases certain compounds and flavors that can help balance the taste of the wine. If the bitter and astringent flavor is too strong though, give leeway for time. A wine decanter can help lessen the taste of tannins. Just give it at least an hour or so of allowance before drinking.

Half of the wine-tasting experience is traveling. Often times, there are tours devoted just for wine-tasting. Try and find out-of-the-road wineries. Most of these small producers produce uniquely-tasted wine and offer good advice and great company. Talk to your wine shop keepers, merchants and bartenders about the wines.

You can get a lot of good inside info with these people, and if they do lead you in a good direction, stick with them, otherwise, bring your business somewhere else where you can find a more productive manager or merchant.

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