Ravines Wine Cellars Sauvignon Blanc 2012 750ml

– Ravines Wine Cellars Sauvignon Blanc 2012 750ml – Finger Lakes
List Price: $ 17.44
Price: $ 17.44

Merchant: Saratoga Wine Exchange
Brand: Ravines Wine Cellars

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Question by Nancy: does wine have sugar?
is there sugar in red wine?

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Answer by Atherfool
Yes. The sugar in the grapes.

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Question by Levi P the mailman: Wine, Wine making and Wine Barrel Question?
1. Where or How does one go about buying or getting new/used wine barrels to put wine in
2. What is the process of making enough wine to fill an entire barrel? Does one just ferment the wine in the barrel or make wine and seperately fill it.
3. How many times can you use a Wine Barrel?
4. Can you make wine from a Whiskey Barrel
5. Will the Barrel discolor the Wine if it has been Used?
6. How do you add a Nozel onto a barrel or does it have to come that way without compromising the barrel

Any answers from Reputable people who know what they are talking about would be great, Thanks.

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Answer by William
1) I put some links in the sources section. I’ve looked at buying an oak barrel before but I forget what site I was on.

2) You wouldn’t want to ferment the wine in the barrel because there is no way to sanitize it. You use the barrel for aging. NorthernBrewer.com and Morebeer.com should both have all the books you need to start making wine.

You’ll need a fermenter that is a few gallons larger than your barrel, or several smaller fermenters. You’ll need fruit, sugar, and yeast. There are some other products that will make your life easier like Campden tablets and potassium sorbate. You’ll want a sanitizer of some kind and some other equipment, you’ll have to pick up one of the books. Check YouTube.

3) As a homebrewer, you can probably use the barrel indefinitely. I think the reason wineries get rid of old barrels is ‘just in case’.

4) If you make wine from a barrel that has previously aged whiskey, the barrel will contribute a whiskey flavor to the wine. I have pretty limited experience in this area so I’m not sure of the extent of the contribution but I bet that it wouldn’t be awful. It might even be good.

5) I’m not 100% if the barrel would discolor the wine but my guess would be that there would be, at least, a slight amount of discoloration if you age a wine that is light in color in a barrel that previously aged a dark whiskey or red wine.

6) I know some barrels are designed for serving because they sell wooden taps for that purpose but I don’t know if all barrels are so you might make sure before buying one, though it’s just wood, you should be able to just drill a hole and stick the tap in. Do your research on that one, though.

By the way, if you notice a plug on the side of the barrel in the middle, that’s the highest point because the barrels are stored on their sides. The hole is for adding hops, at least in beer brewing. The tap goes on the lid.

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Question by David L: Does unopened wine go bad?
How long does wine that has not been opened good for? Keep in mind that this is not “fine” wine that gets better with age?

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Answer by HMMMM!
as long as you keep it in a cool dry place it should last a long time, even if its not ‘Fine wine

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