142 Bottle Dual-Zone Wine Cooler With Seamless Glass Door Left-Hinge Model

142 Bottle Dual-Zone Wine Cooler with Seamless Glass DoorFeatures:Butler Series – Built In Front ExhaustLeft-Hinge ModelApproximate Bottle Capacity: 142Weight: 249 lbsDimensions: 23.5″W x 26.75″D x 69″H
List Price: $ 2,554.95
Price: $ 2,554.95

Merchant: Modern Furniture Warehouse
Brand: Vinotemp

Card Trick Revealed - Wine Glass Transpo (Giveaway)

Card trick revealed in this tutorial that even a beginner could do that uses a wine glass to reveal a spectators card. Also a giveaway of an amazing card tri…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Question by swifty: what are the benefits of drinking wine from a wine glass?
why should wine be served in a wine glass? i eahrd that the shape of the glass affects the taste, and i do know it tastes better from a wine glass than a cup. any answers? what makes wine taste better from being in a wine glass?

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Answer by Avid Irony
It’s all in the head…

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Question by zmamasita: White wine vs. red wine?
I always hear about the benefits about having a class of red wine each day, but I haven’t heard anything about potential benefits of white wine. (This is a little disappointing, as I tend to prefer white)

I took a tour of a winery and I believe they mentioned something about red wines initially being the same color as white wines?

So my question is… what makes red wines healthier than white?

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Answer by arnie
It has antioxidents in it. Red wine comes from dark grapes and vice versa. I have never heard that they came from the same colour grape but nothing suprises me now a day (a new genetically modified grape variety??).
I thought it was the same as sultanas come from white grapes and currants come from red grapes???

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Question by ROSILENE M: Do you like Wine?
I Love Wine.
What Kind Wine do you most like?

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Answer by scott h

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