Wine Bottle Chilling Wrap

Epicureanist Wine Bottle Chilling WrapFeatures:Weight: 0.5 lbsDimensions: 5 1/2″ dia x 6 1/4″H
List Price: $ 26.95
Price: $ 26.95

Merchant: Modern Furniture Warehouse
Brand: Epicureanist

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Question by Alex: What wine is very sweet?
I am looking for a really sweet wine. I do not like dry wines, and I prefer red. I haven’t found any American wines worth anything yet!

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sorry to say that alcohol is just like drinking pee of an old man. why do u still like it when u know all the evils and diseases attached to it

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Question by Elizabeth: Wine drink recipes for wedding?
My fiance and I didn’t even want to have alcohol at our wedding but decided to go with wine instead. Its summer wedding so we wanted something refreshing. Beside sangria, so you know any easy wine drinks? I want to give people a few options and I want to keep it classy.

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Answer by Yahooigan
It’s good to have at least one red wine and one white wine. Here are two popular wine choices that pair well with most food. Hope this helps.

Red Wine: Pinot Noir
White Wine: Sauvignon Blanc

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Question by kristy m: white wine vinegar/white vinegar?
what is the difference between white wine vinegar and white vinegar? I could find nothing at the store that siad whitewine vinegar, I found red wine, and rice wine-both of which I have already. I am making a salmon dish that calls for white wine vinegar, can I use the white vinegar or would the rice wine vinegar be better

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Answer by stl_aer
Don’t use the white vinegar for white wine vinegar. You could use the rice wine vinegar for white wine vinegar. White vinegar would be too pungent and probably ruin the dish.

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