Iceless Wine Display Chiller

Epicurteanist Iceless Wine Display ChillerFeatures:Weight: 2.55 lbsDimensions: 5.25″ dia x 14.4375″H
List Price: $ 231.95
Price: $ 231.95

Merchant: Modern Furniture Warehouse
Brand: Epicureanist

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Question by Death follows us all: Poll : Beer or wine ?
what do you like better beer or wine ?

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Answer by YakHairSandwich

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Question by : do u think france peope will make best red sweet wine?
hey friends i heard that france wines are generally sweet

and best to taste with food is france wines red wines generally sweet

are france red wines are generally sweet??????????????? do u think france people make red wines sweet and tasty???????????????

is tasty red wine produced from france

i heard that they make wines which are drinkable with food do u think any red wine from france is sweet

all red wines from france are sweet????????????????????????

are all red wines from france are sweet??????????????????????

no bitter wines????????????????????????? alla re sweet????????????????

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Answer by Chris B
Not at all true. The very best sweet red wines come from Spain or Portugal. Why do you keep repeating yourself???

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Question by Archie: Wine Refrigerator What is worth storing?
My daughter got me a wine fridge for Christmas. I am not sure of one thing. What wine should or should not be stored in the fridge? I understand that most wines bottled and sold in supermarkets are meant to be consumed soon after purchase. So any help please would be greatly appreciated.

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Answer by Owen E
Well most people chill white wines although red wines are nice a bit on the cold side as well it is a personal preference. Remember this is not like a wine cellar that you would age wines in more of something you could go buy a few bottles of your favorite wines and have them all chilled and ready to enjoy when the time comes. Wines will store really for as long as you want to store them however whites do not age as well as reds and depends how fast you consume the wine.

In reality all this is a fridge for wine nothing more.

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