Everything there is to know about wine cellars should be studied before you begin your wine cellar design. The easiest part of a wine cellar design will be assemling the wall wine racks. Assembly of the other design elements may be a bit more challenging. You may be better off cellaring your wine at a facility that allows you to store your wine and then pick it up when you want to drink it.

The Right Temperature

The proper temperature range to store wine is 50-60 degrees fahrenheit. It can be harder than you think to keep wine at this temperature constantly. Central heating is the main culprit in disrupting potential wine storage. Your heater is on during the day raising the temperature well past the ideal storage temperatures.

Your wine will be subject to a drop in temperature at night when the heating is shut off. Then due to temperature change the wine will have expanded and contracted. Using your basement is the best way to get around this, which will be a great substitute for controlled climate environments.

Unfortunately a boiler in the basement can cause those detrimental temperature fluctuations that are so bad for wine. To keep your basement cellar at the right temperature you should make sure your basement is well insulated with odorless insulating material.

Effects of Natural Light

Since there is a low exposure to light, your basement is the best location for your wine cellar design to protect your wine collection. Light speeds up deterioration in your wines. This problem will be less likely to occur with red wine since red wine normally comes in darker bottles that will reduce light exposure.

Champagne and lighter wines are extremely light sensitive plus they normally come in light colored bottles which amplifies the effect. So make sure your wine cellar design will accommadate this and prevent minimal sunshine.


In you cellar design you should account for vibrations and movement. You wine should lay in a horizonal position. If there are any dryers or washing machines nearby your wine cellar this could cause a problem for your wine.

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