When you are passionate about wine you begin collecting it. Maybe you sign on to a wine of the month club and now are accepting valuable wines. A growing collection of wine demands a proper place to store it all. A cupboard can very simply be altered into a small diy wine cellar to store your growing collection.

Don’t forget there are a couple things you must take into consideration before you even begin making the cellar. For instance where is the closet in relation to the rest of the house? Avoid converting a closet against an outside wall into a wine cellar. Temperature, temperature, temperature, outside walls make it very hard to keep this steady as they face the elements. Choose an internal closet where your wine can be stored in a more stable atmosphere.

Your wine will age well if you keep close tabs on the temperature within the cellar, this is critical. If the temperature varies within acceptable levels, this is no problem. If this happens over and over again, gradually the wine inside will be ruined as well. Your wine will fare much better if you follow the rule of not letting the temperature rise and fall too rapidly.

This kind of damage is very obvious. Look for the sticky deposit that often forms around the capsule. Over time the continual expansion and contraction of the wine will damage the integrity of the cork. Basically it is as if the cork were being pulled out each and every day. When this happens, minute quantities of wine may be pushed out along the edge of the cork allowing air to seep back in. Oxidation sets in as soon as the tannins in the wine are exposed to the air. Your wine is ruined. Wine is enabled to propler develop and fully age when the temperature is a comfortable 57 degrees, give or take a couple. Higher temperatures will age wine more rapidly and cooler temperatures will slow down the ageing process. Irreversible damage will be done if your wine is kept at a temperature above 82?F for even a month.

You don’t want moisture to build up. Mold like the humid environments that are good for wine. Also look out for a slightly higher level wine cellar cooling unit for governing the humidity and temperature.

Next you go about constructing the wine cellar according to your designs. A DIY wine cellar is enjoyable! You will need to purchase a few essential items. Purchase some inexpensive wine racks from a hardware store or online retailer or storage shop. With some cheap racks you’ll have a simple but very effective mini wine cellar. Wine rack designs will vary in bottle density. Price variations are more to do with aesthetics than efficiency. Individual racking is the most convenient for selecting bottles.

Make your wine cellar with scalability in mind, only put the racks on one side, leaving the other side empty. Then you may still have floor or shelf space available for wines that you purchase by the case. Custom wine cellars don’t have to be lavish affairs, a budget one is just as good and not too difficult either. Let your wine speak for itself. If you can’t afford a home wine cellar check out the Cuisinart Dual Zone 15 Bottle Wine Cellar.

You will get so much more enjoyment out of your passion for wine with this addition to your home!

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