Choice of glass for red wines

Red wines can be enjoyed best when they are poured into wine the glass which has adequate room and is sipped from it. A bowl which is oval distinctly or shaped like an egg that narrows very slightly at its top is preferred to enjoy the wine sipping in its richest form more than a glass which is like a slender flute.

An ideal glass for sipping red wine should be capable of accommodating about ten to twenty two ounces of red wine. This will provide for more space for swirling the red wine as well as good surface area which will allow breathing space for the wine.

The room temperature should be ideally kept to sixty to sixty five degree Fahrenheit to feel the actual taste of the red wine.

Style of red wines

The wine maker who produces wines will have a good knowledge on the different styles of wine manufactured by him. The classification of the red wines is based on the type of body.

If the red wine is said to be light bodied, then it is referred to the feel in the mouth and the structure of tannin. The tannins present in the red wine which is light bodied will be less. The presence of those on the palate will also be similar. These types of wines are normally not preferred with foods full of flavor. One of the red wine which is light bodied is the one which is produced from the varietals of grape known as Gamay. The very famous red wine of France Beaujolais Nouveau is a classic example.

The red wines which are medium bodied will have more tannins than the red wines which are light bodied. The classic examples so such wines are Shiraz and Merlot.

The red wines which are full bodied contain alcohol. The examples are Bordeaux wines of France and Super Tuscans of Italy.

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