Before long, if you have been taking an interest in wine, you’ll find that you start to notice that some wines are listed as blended wines, while others are listed as varietal wines. If you are curious about what goes into a fine glass of wine, or if you are simply interested in knowing a little bit more about the vintage that you are drinking, you’ll find that learning about blended wines can help you fully appreciate the experience a little more.

Blended wines are composed of a variety of grape types, while varietal wine is created from a single type. These two types of wines have been around for hundreds of years, and with the improvement in both storage and transportation, there has been a sharp increase in the kinds of contemporary blended wines.

When selecting a wine, pay attention to whether it is considered varietal versus blended. For example, as you examine a label, you’ll discover that a wine classified as a varietal may contain 15% of different varieties of grapes. On the other hand, you’ll find that a wine that has been labeled as being a blend will have the variety that is the most predominant listed first. For instance, if you know that you enjoy Cabernet, take a look around for something like a Cabernet Merlot. You will find that many of the wines you enjoy will be listed as blended wines. When you are looking at a Bordeaux red, with just a few exceptions, you’ll find that you are most likely looking at blended wine.

When you are thinking about blended wine and how it compares to varietal wines, you’ll find that all that matters is how it tastes to you. It is a misconception that blended wines are substandard as some of the world’s best classic vintages are blends. Some of the most popular red wines are blends. You can also use blended wines as a way to learn more about other grape varieties that you are curious about, but are not interested in committing to fully without more information.

Take some time to think about wine blends and find a vintage that really suits you! Another great way to try various blends is to join a monthly wine club. There are many types of online monthly wine clubs to choose from that offer very fine wines including some exceptional blended wines delivered right to your home.

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