Do you find it hard to pick out the right wine for a special dinner or event? We have a checklist of particular things to look for in a good wine. This should help you make a great choice in your next wine purchase.

1. White Wines: A white wine is a great choice to serve with hors d’oeuvres as your guests are arriving. A white wine has a light, fresh flavor that won’t interfere with the main dish. The Chardonnays, Sauvignon Blancs, and a good Chablis are all good choices. Ask your local wine merchant what he or should would suggest. They will let you sample some upon request.

A sparkling white wine such as the Rolls Royce of wines the champagne are reserved for those very special occasions such as a wedding, anniversary or engagement party. Again, you may want to ask the local wine connoiseuer what would be just perfect for the event.

2. Red Wines: A nice hearty red wine such as a Merlot or Burgundy would be perfect with an Italian meal or with grilled steak, pork or lamb. Serving a good red with a meal can actually help to enhance the dinner.

Oregon produces a great Pinot Noir. This wine is a combination of plum, vanilla, and blackberry. Because of its light and fruity flavor it could also be served after dinner.

The spiciness of the Shiraz would make it a great addition to a spicy Mexican dinner. It would enhance the flavors a make a simple meal of enchiladas and tacos seem elegant.

An ideal wine to complete an Italian meal would be a Chianti. With its rich flavor and deep red color it blends easily with ravioli and pizza. When you finish the wine, the beautiful raffia wrapped bottles make great candle holders and set the mood for your romantic Italian dinner.

A robust Burgundy would be the red to choose for a fine standing rib roast or delicate filet mignon.

As you can see from the suggestions above you may wish to have both a white wine and a red wine on hand when hosting a dinner. Some guests will most likely pick the wine they prefer and stay with that choice for the entire evening. Another may choose a white for the start of the evening and finish with a red. So always be prepared.

You may enjoy making your own wine. You could start with one of the fruit wines. They are relatively easy to make and go great with desserts. Wouldn’t your guests be impressed. Visit a fruit wine making website for some recipes.

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