Day by day the power of the internet is increasing, not only allowing consumers access to more products and services than ever before, but also higher savings and a host of incredible offers that customers can only dream of finding in-store.

But with so many online outlets to choose from, internet shopping – although without the high street headaches, can often be a complex and mind boggling exercise. Even when you are sure of what you are looking for, knowing where to start to find an ideal purchase at the best price, can often seem like finding a needle in a haystack.

Enter the era of price comparison web sites, the ultimate companion for a truly enjoyable online shopping experience. But it's not just the well known financial and travel web sites that now offer consumers a helping hand in their quest to bag the best deals. No, such sites even exist to help find super savings on your everyday items like bread and milk, to treats and tipples like fantastic online wine offers.

Research suggests that more and more people are recognising the benefits of online wine buying, taking away the sting of having to spend their precious time fighting their way around the busy supermarket aisles, finding some pleasing purchases both to the wallet and the pallet.

In fact, the number of people taking advantage of the internet to seek out the best online wine offers is constantly increasing, with the market for on line wine purchased growing by 24% in 2007.

Like their financial and travel counterparts, wine orientated price comparison sites scour all the wine retailers on the web and search out the most appealing online wine offers around. What's more as well as helping you save pennies, most online wine dealers also provide a more detailed, understandable and valuable description of your potential purchase, to make sure you buy a bottle where the taste is as good as the price.

Not only do these sites help you find out more about the wine you are buying, but by posting tips and tasting notes, they also guide you to help you find the type of wine you like and should look out for more often, meaning no more wasting time debating if the now ?3.99 bottle of red really was worth ?9 in the first place, and more time enjoying it.

What's more you don't just have to take the web sites word for it. Even if you think the online wine offers you find might just be the product of a mix of marketing partnerships, many sites also have their own forums – allowing you to read comments and talk to other customers to get a true insight into which online wine offers really will taste as good as the prices can makes you feel.

Fiona Muller has been writing for over 20 years. She is a qualified journalist and has worked in food and drink writing for the last few years. Visit her website to find online wine offers.

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