There are many occasions when a corporate gift is an appropriate gesture such as the launch of a new product, signing of new clients, completion of a business deal, performance awards, the recognition of special clients and a show of appreciation to a major supplier. There are also many types of gift you can choose from such as flowers and chocolates, but it would appear that a new trend is breaking down barriers between work colleagues, clients and vendors – corporate wine gifts.

The American philosophy has tended to frown on the notion of corporate wine gifts, believing that it could send out the wrong message to colleagues and partners. However, as relationships within business and industry change and become more personal and friendly, corporate wine gifts are asserting themselves as a thoughtful and communicative method of showing appreciation.

Interestingly, it seems that Europe is setting the standard for this train of thought. Comparatively, Europe has a much more relaxed attitude to alcohol than the United States. It is not unusual when entertaining a client or when holding a business lunch for a glass of wine to be offered as part of the proceedings. In America, this practice tends to be reserved for more formal business dinners but wine still plays an important part in oiling the wheels of industry.

In choosing to offer wine as a corporate gift, you are acknowledging the recipient on two levels. Firstly, the gift itself acts as a 'thank you' for the business or work that has been undertaken. Secondly, it shows a more personal level of appreciation, blurring the boundaries between business and friendship and courting the idea that colleagues can be more than just business associates.

Corporate wine gifts can also be made as personal as you like. If you are aware of someone's preference for wine from a certain country, then choosing a corporate wine gift that incorporates that preference serves as a very thoughtful and respectful nod to their value within the industry. It also shows that consideration and time has been taken when choosing the gift. It demonstrates a level of personal interest in the recipient, again narrowing the divisions that work can so often put between people.

There are also humorous ways express how valuable someone is to the business community: some corporate wine gift-suppliers offer the chance to have personalised and entertaining messages printed on labels, making the gift unique as well as raising a smile.

If you are considering corporate wine gifts for your workforce, clients or suppliers, but are concerned about the time and effort involved, it may be worth checking online suppliers. Rather than being baffled by endless bottles, you can simply scroll through wines by country, region and price. Many of these offer clear and precise information about the wine they stock, enabling you to select the right wine for the right person. Using this facility, you can achieve an ideal corporate wine gift for any members of your staff without having to leave the office and have it delivered to wherever is most convenient for you. Online corporate wine gifts also offer excellent value, with many bulk discounts available.

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