Master of wine is one of the most difficult titles to earn; it requires immense hard work, time and effort. The title is awarded by The Institute of Masters of Wine of U.K. The wine makers need to submit the essay and the remarks which were made after tasting the exquisite wine. In addition to this, the candidates need to have a mentor who is an expert in the wine making profession. These candidates need to have some of experience so that they can get the hold of the position. Further the task becomes easier if you have acquired a diploma education in wine and spirit education from the wine and the spirit education trust, a premier organization which is associated with The Institute of Masters of Wine.

Things which you need to have to become a master of wine:
In order to become a master of wine, it is important to understand that you need to possess immense knowledge about wine and the wine making industry. With regard to the industry it is important to understand about the sales, distribution, marketing, packaging, regulations and above all the production of the wine. As you get selected for the program then the candidates have to pass four examinations and they also need to clear the three blind tastings in the course of their final examination. It would be a big achievement if the candidate gets a green signal in both the levels of the examination at one stroke. However incase you do not clear one of the section then you can have a second attempt in two years period of time. As the candidates get through both the examinations then they have six months period of time to formulate a synopsis of their thesis which has to get approved by the education and examination board of the Institute of the Masters of Wine. One interesting fact that you need to know about this course is that it is almost self guided. The interested candidates have to take their own initiative and increase their awareness on the wine industry and its dynamics. Further they need to be really accustomed to the different products, smells and facts behind the preparation of the wine. The examination and the courses are offered in U.K, U.S and even Australia.


The grand title of wine master has existed since 1953, but the program has not been always open to all. In the initial 30 years of the program it was open only to the importers of U.K, merchants and the wine retailers. During the eighties, it opened for the people who were intending to survive professionally through the business of wine. The first American who achieved the title of master of wine was only in the year of 1987. At present there are 264 people who have acquired this tough degree and they are spread across 22 different countries. Around eighty percent of them work and reside outside U.K.

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