Top 10 Wine Gift Ideas

Are you trying to find some top gift ideas for wine lovers on your gift list? Keep reading, because I've put together a list of gifts which are sure to delight the oenophile in your life. Now of course, a personal vineyard is the ultimate gift for your favorite wine lovers; but if this is out of your budget, then these ideas may help you find a great gift for that special someone.

10 Great Gifts For The Wine Lover

1. Still gotta go with that vineyard motif....okay, not a whole vineyard. Some wineries advertise that you can become part owner in their independent vineyard for a cost. You might want to check this out, it won't make you wealthy overnight, but hey, you will be a part owner. The part of the vineyard you own will really be small but the gift and the thought behind it are way cool.

2. Wine glasses. This is a gift which every wine lover will not only appreciate, but actually use; and they'll think of you whenever they do. Look for large wineglasses which are made with quality craftsmanship - these will be attractive and your wine loving friends will adore them.

3. A cute and inexpensive gift is the royal purple "Instant Youth" bottle bag. You can fit the drawstring bag around an empty or full wine bottle and present it to one of your friends. The writing on the bag declares "Instant Youth just add wine". This will get a chuckle from the recipient and if you toss in a selection from a particularly great year, it will be twice as appreciated.

4. You can even order a Cabernet Sauvignon, Petite Syrah, or Pinot Grigio and have it placed in a bottle with a personalized label of your choice. This thoughtful gift is a sure winner for any occasion. You can select the words for the label or even have a personal picture added.

5. One of the best wine gifts available is a wine box or basket. These are available in wood, wicker or even leather. These can be found in one bottle, two bottle or larger carrying capacities. Some of the higher end models include stoppers, corkscrews, napkins and glasses; these baskets are ideal for picnics and outdoor concerts.

6. If your wine lover enjoys games you can dazzle and delight them with a Wineopoly board game. The tokens used for the game include a wine glass, carafe, cheese, grapes and more. You can best your friends and become a grape champ as you challenge them with this game, and you really learn some cool facts about wine as you play.

7. Wine glass charms make a great gift. Many wine lovers even collect these beautiful and decorative wine accessories, which can be custom made for you by some companies.

8. A wine club membership - this is a sure fire hit with any wine lover. This is a great way to introduce them to a favored vineyard and memberships can be customized to suit even the most discerning palates.

9. Cookbooks that specialize in recipes involving wine are also welcome gifts. You can create a gift basket with a cookbook, a bottle of wine, and a few other small additions. Toss in a wine lover's apron, potholders, corkscrew and some assorted pastas and cheese to create a unique and lovely presentation that is sure to please.

10. Novelty T-shirts featuring wine-related slogans will always be appreciated by wine lovers; how about:

o Get a Tan with your Tannins...pick your own grapes
o The Wine is Divine but it crushed the poor grapes
o Nectar of the gods...Produced by our soles
o Us Old Vines Have The Best Wines
o Wine is fruit....and they recommend 4 servings of fruit daily

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