It is now common place to reject any person under the age of 21 who wants to buy alcohol but only at the weekends. It is a radical step in the UKs history as far as raising the age on alcohol consumption only if it is for the weekend. Many countries from around the world including neighbouring countries in Europe all employ the over 21 drinking law but Britain has kept it at 18 since the law began. Recent years has seen a dramatic rise in binge drinking and alcohol abuse which has led the UK to keep the age restriction as low as possible.
The British government has now taken even more precaution over drinking habits as it has now increased the age group for people who are NOT allowed to drink. This new law which only allows people over the age of 21 to buy alcohol at the weekend will hit the community hard but it is a positive step to try and get people to stop drinking alcohol to the excess. Much to everyone's amazement they are also holding talks to put age limits on selling bottle openers as this plays a part in making alcohol more accessible to the younger generation. Next thing you know they will have bans on formal dinnerware glasses or anything that remotely relates to alcohol. I think there are some limits here which desperately need to be established. Otherwise, our nation will surely end up being strict on everything and anything. That is not the way to treat society, we need to make these band and rules fair and non-restricting in order to make a lasting impression on the youth of today.
No doubt there will be up roar against this proposal from the Government but then again you really have to assess as to whether this is good or bad for society in general. In a way it would be nice to try and crack down on the under 21 drinkers especially at the weekends. I cannot tell you how dangerous and lethal my home town is on a Saturday night due to the excess drinking. It is like a warzone and I am fully in support of getting this changed for the better.

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