Wine Of The Month Club

Joining a wine club is something which can be a lot of fun if wine happens to be a hobby of yours. You'll be in good company, as a growing number of people are choosing to join wine clubs rather than other social activities, such as keg parties or knitting circles.

This is one of the reasons that more and more people are choosing to sign up as members of wine clubs. Whether your wine-loving participation truly makes you one of the cultured elite could be a matter of your own opinion, but hey after a few rounds of tasting several special burgundies does it really matter?

A lot of vineyards and bottlers are choosing to promote themselves by starting their own wine clubs. If you're interested in joining a wine club yourself, then read on; I've listed the five biggest benefits to joining a wine club - there's more to it than the opportunity to drink some wine you may not be able to come across at your local grocery store or liquor shop.

1. Keeping it under wraps......It comes delivered in a plain brown wrapper so your neighbors don't get suspicious (Very helpful if you have very uptight covenants for your suburb).

o Wine clubs deliver wines via UPS in plain brown boxes. Your nosy neighbor won't be able to see what's being delivered to you - a good thing, since it's none of their business!

2. Impress the Best...You can impress others with your expensive wine collection while knowing how few dollars were really paid out. If you specialize in one of the "garage wineries" or small independents, you get some great, unique labels. So you can really get away with claiming you have $200 bottles of an exquisite and rare "Petite Sirah"....c'mon, who's gonna know?

3. Make Money....You can now stage your own wine tasting at home and hey, feel free to make a few bucks by charging a small fee for the food and drink served. You can use the money to buy a totally cool wine rack.

4. Saves Time and Effort. When you're in a wine club, you'll always have a stocked cellar. Imagine never having to run out for a bottle at the last minute when friends drop by for dinner!

5. Fool your friends! Stump the snobs! One of the greatest benefits of joining a wine club is the pranks you can play.

o You will be the only one who knows the exact features and description of the wine in the bottle, so if you decide to challenge friends to a wine taste off.......hey, you'll beat the experts. A really good wine connoisseur may know the aromas and flavors but he sure as heck will not know exactly when and where it was bottled.....only you will know that it is from McQuiqqleburry Lantern Vineyards....

o Trick wine snobs at dinner parties - refill some good bottles with cheap stuff you go ton closeout at the grocery store. Give these to the wine snobs at your next dinner party or tasting. Give everybody else the good stuff.

Chances are better than average that as your other guests rave about the great taste of the good wine, these folks will be raving right along with them. The most pretentious ones in the group will fall over their tongues trying to match the comments of others. If you can keep from rolling on the floor with laughter, it makes a really great moment to talk about later.

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