by Charlie Reese

The great thing about cereal bowls is that they can be anything and any size. I remember staying with a friend when I was younger, and watching her three big brothers in awe. They found the largest bowls they could, and filled them to the brim with cereal, and then went back for seconds. These bowls were ones most of us would mix a cake batter in, but for them, that was just a first go at breakfast. Most dont need that size, of course, but they come in almost any size for any person.

The cereal bowls I buy for my daughter are smaller, and they are made of plastic. There are many moms that like this type because not only are they not going to break when dropped – which is bound to happen – but they are not that hard to replace when they wear out. Plastic can be very durable, but if you put the wrong type of plastic cereal bowl in the microwave or dishwasher by accident, you are going to have some pretty interesting shaped bowls when they come out.

There are some plastic cereal bowls that will go into any type of appliance (other than the oven, obviously) and will last much longer. The only problem with these is that they tend to be very small. Once your child gets past a certain age, there isnt enough room in those types of cereal bowls for an average breakfast serving. They are often more durable though, and can even be put away in between children if you plan to have more.

Though many cereals are target towards children, adults love cereal just as much. My husband often has a bowl late at night. He prefers the larger cereal bowls that he can fill, and these are usually the glass ones. The best thing about glass is that they come in all sizes, colors, and sometimes, shapes. Though I am sure there is no scientific reason behind it, it seems that cereal just tastes better in glass cereal bowls. The glass also seems to keep the milk cooler for longer, and perhaps that is why it seems to taste better.

Plastic or glass, cereal bowls are often very inexpensive, and easy to replace. Most families have them, and everyone knows exactly what they are. You may put soup, salad or other foods within them from time to time, but they are always for cereal first and foremost.

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