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Canadian Food Recipes

Canadian cuisine varies from region to region, reflecting the ethnic make up of the area. The Canadians enjoy the Canadian food recipes they grew up with. Fast food is popular as it is in other countries but Canadians still know the value of a home cooked meal. French Canada has its own traditions and other influences include British, as in British Columbia, and Chinese Canadian.

Newfoundland and the Maritime Provinces chiefly eat British and Irish dishes. The UK’s fondness for ‘fish and chips’ is seen in restaurants and chip stands that sell Haddock and Chips. The Western Provinces cuisine is a diverse mix of dishes originating from Poland, the Ukraine, Germany and Scandinavia. Of course, neighboring USA also contributes favorites to the menu.

Common ingredients to be found across the country are caribou, bison, native berries, locally made cheese, and wild rice. Seafood is very popular too, particularly salmon, lobster, cod, halibut and mussels. Wild game is often to be found on the menu with venison a national favorite. Seal meat is also eaten in the Canadian North, Labrador, Newfoundland and the Maritimes. Canadians have a sweet tooth too and people outside of Canada associate maple syrup with recipes for Canadian food.

Fruit pies and tarts are often made with gooseberries, strawberries, cranberries, blueberries and blackberries. Canada has its own home industry for producing beer and wine and there is also the unusual ice wine, a dessert wine produced from grapes that are frozen on the vine. There is also locally produced whisky.

Canada, particularly in the far north, is often very cold and comfort food is the order of the day. Poutine is a dish that is popular in the Quebec area and comprises of French Fries with a topping of fresh cheese curds and covered with gravy. The residents of Montreal favour Shish Taouk, a traditional chicken shish kebab that hails from Turkey.

To start the working day, nothing beats the Lumberjack’s Breakfast, a feast of three or more eggs, sausages, bacon, and ham accompanied by large pancakes. A traditional welcoming supper in Newfoundland is known as Jigg’s Dinner. This is a tasty and filling Canadian food recipe with salt beef, peas pudding and cabbage. Nova Scotia has its classic dishes too, one of which is Rappie Pie, a casserole containing grated potato, onions and chicken, beef or pork.

Hectic modern lifestyles are prominent in Canada as well as everywhere else and there isn’t always time to cook a meal from scratch. Hot dogs and pizzas are popular choices. The classic Canadian Pizza topping is bacon, mushrooms and pepperoni. A TV snack is likely to be a bag of potato chips dipped in dill pickle. Tea and coffee are the everyday beverages and Canada Dry ginger ale is a common soft drink. This ginger ale has exported around the world and is particularly popular in the US and the UK.

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