by Charlie Reese

Bon Appetit recipes are some of the best of all the cooking magazines!

You’ve probably noticed that the cost of a single issue of most cooking magazines will buy you a whole cook book these days. It’s hard to justify the price, especially when most of the magazine is filled with ads. However, Bon Appetit has somehow managed to stay reasonably priced and full of valuable content for the foodies. I’ve been a fan of this cooking magazine since I was in my teens. The Bon Appetit recipes are some of the best I’ve run across in all these years.

In each issue, the publishers include a regular feature which is my all time favorite. Readers write in, describing a restaurant at which they enjoyed a delectable dish that they’ve been thinking of ever since. The only trouble is, they don’t have the recipe. The readers often come across these remarkable dishes while traveling and are unlikely to be dining at that restaurant again, any time soon. Sometimes they want to recreate it for their spouse at home, or serve it for a special party occasion.

At any rate, they write and ask the Bon Appetit recipe editor if they might prevail upon the chef to part with the recipe. The chef in question is flattered that his or her creation made such an impression on the diner and responds to the Bon Appetit recipe editor with a scaled down recipe, suited to home preparation, along with every little detail of how to prepare the dish. This column of Bon Appetit recipes has been in the magazine each month, all these many years, so it must strike a chord with most readers.

Bon Appetit has many other outstanding virtues for the foodie. They often issue special editions which focus on a particular cuisine or region. For example, one of their special editions was devoted to Mediterranean cooking. The issue includes some very special selections from the Bon Appetit recipe editors, gleaned by the food travel writer who personally visited restaurants all over the region for the cream of the crop in dishes. They then convince the chef to part with the recipe and subsequently publish it in the special edition. This works out marvelously for everyone involved. The restaurant receives spectacular publicity, the readers get to experience the dish at home, wowing friends and family with their gourmet cookery and the lucky food writer gets to partake of all this wonderful food on locale.

In addition, these special editions take you on a virtual cooking vacation, with feature stories such as a local artisan cheese maker, with photos, interviews and details on how the cheese is made. By the time you’re done reading, you feel ” almost ” like you’ve made the visit in person. Bon Appetit absolutely covers the region or cuisine, with maps to help you find your way around, visits to off the beaten path, romantic farmhouse restaurants, wineries and local marketplaces.

It’s no small wonder that Bon Appetit recipes are some of the very best you’ll find in any of the cooking magazines. Next time you’re browsing the magazine rack at the supermarket, check this magazine out and keep your eye peeled for those special editions. They’re as fat as some cook books and the price is the same as the regular issues. You’ll see what I mean!

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