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Bixby Corn Stove

The Bixby Company is one of the leading lights in finding alternative energy sources to fossil fuels. Many people are worried about greenhouse gas emissions and their effect on the climate. Burning plant material, known as biomass, is a cheaper method and has less impact on the environment.

The Bixby Corn Stove, which uses dry shelled corn pellets or wood pellets, is an extremely efficient way of heating homes. The stove has been given approval to be placed in mobile homes. The two product options are the Maxfire Stove and the unusually named UBB Ugly Black Box.

The Maxfire stove has a convenient push button start and an automatic system that removes the ash. Tests of this Bixby Corn Stove have shown a remarkable 70% reduction in fuel costs, compared to other more conventional fuel sources.

It’s not necessary to keep filling the fuel hopper all day as it holds two bushels and it will heat up to approximately 2,200 square feet. The stove is available in six attractive colors, namely blushtone, burgundy, navy blue, silver, black and green. There are two trim options in nickel plated or gold plated.

The UBB Ugly Black Box is not really ugly! In fact, it is a fine looking example of the Bixby Corn Stove and is even more powerful than the Maxfire, making it suitable for the home, workshop or garage. The fuel source, start up system and ash remover are the same as the Maxfire.

However, the fuel hopper is larger, holding 5.4 bushels with an optional 2 bushel extension available. This stove will heat up to approximately 3,000 square feet and comes in a steel cabinet, making it extremely durable. Both versions of Bixby Corn Stove have easy to use heat settings.

Bixby are a recently formed company but have already made a big impact n the alternative energy industry. They developed their own system of burning dry shelled corn, a fuel with many advantages. It is abundant, inexpensive and is considered to be the best biomass material around. The corn does not need any processing and it supplies a very high energy output. Warranties for the stoves are available through the dealer that supplies the customer. The company has announced other exciting innovations for 2007. They have developed a new windmill energy system and a method of using coal but without the resultant carbon emissions. It would appear that Bixby are quietly combating climate change and making great products into the bargain.

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