To complement a good dinner you need a good wine to go with it. For discerning curry aficionados, it could soon be the habitual final flourish to millions of orders from around the world. When having a smart slap up meal the waiter would ask you what you would like to drink to which you would answer, "A bottle of your finest Nashik region sauvignon blanc wine or an original Maharastran Shiraz". Like any good meal there are some essentials that you need, for example, tableware, food, wine and general service.
Indian wine is desperately trying to emulate the immense success of the sub-continents beer (Cobra Beer) and food (Curry). However India's oldest winery only dates back to early1982 so the industry is still really in the starting phases. India as a nation are trying to increase their revenue stream as much as possible by broadening their own horizons. Exporting wine as well as beer and food will be a great move for Indian commerce as a nation as this will un-doubtedly help their relation and profit prospects.
White wine and red wine go well with any meal and normally you would go for a wine that has been brewed and made in France or Italy for example but Indian wine could change all of that. Sales have grown by 30% to 35% in India every year since 2002 and although only 2% of the population drinks wine, that still accounts for a staggering 20 million people. Last year alone the Indian alcohol market accounted for 1.two million cases of wine being sold, representing a doubling of domestic consumption in only just five years. Compared to global players in the wine industry - America last year produced 270 million cases - India remains a viticultural minnow but now producers believe they have spotted a receptive export the globe and an avenue to make plenty of money.

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