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American Recipes

There is nothing more comforting than authentic American recipes when I am feeling homesick. America is a diverse place and so American food recipes are diverse, but they all have certain things in common.. There is a wholesomeness, a groundedness to American recipes. Many of them are not elaborately spiced or particularly inventive, but they make up for that with wholesome ingredients and familiar combinations of flavors. No matter where you are in the world, you can tell an American recipe by the way it tastes.

One of the most classic American recipes is apple pie. Everyone loves the wholesome taste of apple pie and, although it is eaten in other countries, there still seems to be something quintessentially American about it. One of the great things about cooking with apples is that you can change the flavor of the dish substantially depending on the type of apples that you get. Very sweet apples yield a different sort of pie than tart apples, and red apples and green apples are also much different. You can flavor with cinnamon, nutmeg, sugar, and other ingredients, giving you even more delicious options. Then, you can use a slice of sharp cheddar to get a unique taste sensation that you won’t soon forget.

Many American recipes seem to center around casseroles. The casserole is a convenient, easy way to make a really filling, nourishing meal. By combining a little bit of meat, some noodles, some veggies, a bit of cream, and whatever else you might find around the place, you can make a creamy, filling meal because with almost anything. You can top it with bread crumbs, cheese, or even potato chips if you want to. It is not a particularly healthy or wholesome American recipe, but it sure is a tasty one!

One of my favorite American recipes is meat loaf. I’ve always loved it. Most people don’t fall in the middle on the subject of meatloaf. Either you love it or you hate it. My sister couldn’t stand the growing up, but I could always be counted upon to ask for seconds. It was just so delicious, so rich, and so meaty. I couldn’t get enough of it no matter how hard I tried.

I’ve talked to a lot of people, and I’ve reached the conclusion that my mom makes an especially good meatloaf. American recipes are all about innovation, and by adding extra garlic to her dishes, my mom surely has innovated. She also combines starch and oatmeal in her meatloaf in just the right proportion to come up with an ideal texture. Maybe I’m biased, but ultimately that’s what American recipes are all about. You eat what you were raised with, and you enjoy mom’s cooking more than anything else in the world.

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