by Charlie Reese

Fun With Australian Food

You dont have to have friends in the country of Australia to be curious about some of the foods that they eat and what these foods taste like. I have friends from that country, and I have learned some very interesting things about Australian food, as well as some things about the foods that we eat here in the United States. Though many foods are the same, the way they taste may be different. If you want to try something new, find some Aussie foods to try out. If you have then let us know what you thought at

There are some types of Australian food that you may never get use to eating, but you can have a fun experience trying them out. Vegemite is probably one of the most commonly known of Australian food items out there, though most people outside of the country have never had it. It looks like a tar, and has a very strong salty taste that is hard to describe otherwise. You may not want to eat this all of the time, but you can not say you have tried everything until you have had Vegemite. Put a very thin layer on your toast and try it out. Who knows? You may even find that you like it.

Another interesting item from Australian food pantries are what are called Musk Sticks. They have other candy made with musk as well. These were pretty, pink sticks that came to my mailbox from my friend. I tried one and regretted it, but I had a lot of fun explaining what it tastes like to my friends. I had even more fun getting them to try it before I gave them that explanation. To me, it tasted like perfume, even though it is a candy in Australia. If you are looking for an ideal gag gift, this is one Australian food that will fit the bill.

One of my Australian friends told me that the main difference she has found between American and Australian food is that we have things with a much sweeter taste. She does not understand why we put sugar in our peanut butter, and their chocolate syrups are not as sweet. If you live there, this is what you are use to. If you find that some of the things that you have are too sweet for you, you may want to find the same thing among Australian food. You may have found a perfect and less sweet substitute.

You can not talk about Australian food without talking about Tim-Tams. These are called biscuits in Australia, but here you would know them as cookies. These are not as sweet as some of the cookies that you have in the US, but they are very good. They have a crisp center with chocolate and other ingredients included. They are amazing with coffee if you remember that they soften up quickly. Dunk and eat fast! If you have been throwing around the idea of trying some Australian food, this is one that you should not skip.

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