The Chemistry and Biology of Winemaking

The Chemistry and Biology of Winemaking

Price: $33.51

Color: Complete Kit 30pc – Only Fruit & Bottles Required
Model: NMSWFFC-30

Brand: Royal Society of Chemistry


  • Easy to use 1 gallon wine kit with every thing you need to complete a batch of wine except the fruit and wine bottles!
  • Detailed step-by-step instructions from North Mountain Supply and Winemaker’s Recipe Handbook with over 100 recipes!
  • Complete kit includes: 30 pieces equipment and ingredients, the largest and most complete kit available!
  • Included is: 2 Gallon Fermentor, 1 Gallon Glass Jug, Recipe Book, Step-by-Step Instructions, Auto-Siphon, 5′ of Siphon Hose, 2 Airlocks, Bung & Screw Cap
  • Straining Bag, 4oz Oxygen Wash, 50 Campden Tablets, Pectic Enzyme, Stablizer, 3 Yeast Packs, Nutrients, Acid Blend, Tannin, Energizer, Hydrometer & Test Jar, Glass Wine Thief, Corks, Corker, Shrink Caps, & Bottle Filler

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