intuition897 asked:

We have a lot of what looks like wild grape vines growing around our property (we just moved here). We’re not too far from the Prince Edward County wine region, so I don’t doubt that the soil here is good for grapes. Has anyone had any experience using wild grapes for wine or preserves? The grapes themselves are very small and they seem to grow in small clusters about 3-4 inches across. I have only seen them unripened as I think the birds tend to eat them.
I don’t think it’s moonseed. It’s definitely a woody stemmed grapevine with clinging tendrils and serrated-edged broad grape leaves.

I have made wine from kits before, but would like to try it from scratch. I was going to plant wine grapes this year, but thought I’d wait and see what these wild vines yielded first. As you say, who knows? It may be some kind of wondergrape. I’m not holding my breath though.

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