But First, Wine – Bingo Cards and Markers – Wine Tasting Party Bingo Game – Set of 18

But First, Wine – Bingo Cards and Markers – Wine Tasting Party Bingo Game – Set of 18

Price: $14.99

Color: Multicolored

Brand: Big Dot of Happiness


  • Wine Bingo Cards and Markers INCLUDES 18 game cards, 18 perforated marker sheets, 1 perforated call sheet, and game instructions.
  • MUST-HAVE PARTY SUPPLY: Bingo is an easy and classic bachelorette or birthday party game that everyone will have fun playing. Wine Bingo Cards and Markers give this classic game a fresh look with wine playing cards and wine related words instead of numbers.
  • HOW TO PLAY: Play traditional bingo rules or take out with your group and play bar bingo. Like gift bingo, bar bingo is played by observing your crowd and marking the space when you see a corresponding item. Begin traditional play by the designated bingo leader pulling a caller chip from the bowl. Each guest covers the called word on their card with square marker. Continue until a guest has covered a row in any direction – vertically, horizontally, or diagonally and calls out “BINGO!”.
  • HIGH-QUALITY: But First, Wine Bingo Cards and Markers are professionally printed and double-sided on sturdy cardstock paper. They are individually inspected and carefully packaged by hand. Each card measures 5.25” Wide x 6.75” Tall, perforated marker sheets measure 2.75” Wide x 5” Tall and individual markers measure 0.75” Wide x 0.75” Tall.
  • MADE IN THE USA: But First, Wine Bingo Game is designed and manufactured at our Wisconsin facility using materials that are Made in the USA. Wine Bingo Game Cards uses a No-Mess Glitter Print: Our party games are designed with a printed image of glitter, eliminating glitter flake while maximizing bling effect!

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