Trilogy Wine Cellar CredenzaConvenience x 3. Three separate storage compartments in one handsome furniture cabinet allow you to organize your wine three different ways (see below). Credenza styling also gives you ample surface area on which to place serving accessories or home accents. The Trilogy Wine Cellar Credenza lets you organize your wine three different ways: 1. By Type: Reds and Whites 2. By Varietal: Cabs Merlots etc. 3. Mixed: Enjoy the extra capacity of three 28-bottle compartments; remove the shelves to fit even more bottles. Fits 84 bottles total when using all shelves.* A master touchscreen control panel lets you adjust the temperature in and power on/off each individual storage compartment. The adjustable temperature range for each compartment is 54-66F. All three compartments in the mahogany-stained hardwood credenza feature: Virtually silent thermoelectric cooling technology (ETL approved) Thermopane glass door with key lock (metal handle on left and right doors) 6 pull-out chrome shelves with wood trim Interior LED dome light If you wish to store opened bottles (preserved with stoppers) or just display your favorite wines with labels showing simply remove the shelves in any compartment and stand bottles upright. Size: 35-3/8’H x 67-1/16’W x 24’D *Capacity is based off using standard Bordeaux size bottles using larger Pinot Noir/Rhone size bottles may limit the capacity. If you would like to store larger bottles you can easily adjust the height of any of the shelves. Additional shelves will lower capacity.

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Question by sweety: do you like wine?
because the wine i have tasted is really bitter are they all like that?

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Answer by Sam
No… I LOVE wine

Add your own answer in the comments!Question by TRAVIS: how many carbohydrates in wine?
How many carbohydrates in red house wine

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Answer by Mathias
Wines vary substantially depending on their alcoholic content and whether they have residual sugar, but a 5-ounce glass of dry white table wine may have 1.0 to 1.25 grams of carbohydrates, while a similar portion of red may go up to 2.5 grams, and sweet wines with their high sugar content will have substantially more, up to the range of 10 grams in a 3-ounce serving of a strong dessert wine like Port.

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