Master Sommelier Wine Aroma Kit – 88 Wine Aromas (wine aroma wheel and board game incl.)

Master Sommelier Wine Aroma Kit – 88 Wine Aromas (wine aroma wheel and board game incl.)

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  • The Master Wine Aroma Kit is a wine tasting educational tool designed by Sommeliers as a library of wine scents. World’s most complete wine aroma collection, which combines 88 aromas found in sparkling, white, red and sweet wines produced around the world. Awaken your sense of smell and your tasting skills with this aroma recognition training tool. Perfect gifts for wine lovers or for those who wish to sharpen their tasting skills.
  • Seen on the UK TV Wine Show The kit includes: 88 wine aromas (see list below), a manual on how to train your nose and use these aromas, reason behind wine faults aromas, grape varieties VS wine appellations; Wine Aroma Wheels (20 grape varieties); a Wine Aroma Board Game with 4 metal tokens designed by artist Yves Lemay.
  • LIST OF WINE AROMAS INCLUDED: 1.lemon, 2.lime, 3.grapefruit, 4.gooseberry, 5.pear,, apple, 8.peach, 9.melon, 10.guava, 11.pineapple, 12.passion fruit, 13.lychee, 14.dry apricot, peel, 16.banana, 17.raspberry, 18.blackcurrant, 19.strawberry, 20.blackberry, 21.cherry, 22.plum, 23.prune, 24.honeysuckle, 25.hawthorn, blossom, 27.linden, 28.jasmine, 29.acacia, 30.rose, 31.lavender, 32.violet, 33.capsicum, 34.fennel, 35.tomato,
  • 36.cut grass, 37.dill, 38.thyme, 39.fern,, 41.hay, tea, 43.tobacco, 44.blackcurrant leaf, 45.bay leaf, 46.eucalyptus, 47.iodine, 48.flint, 49.kerosene, 50.bread, 51.butter, 52.caramel, 53.chocolate, 54.toast,, 56.bacon, 57.smoke, 58.tar, 59.vanilla, 60.pepper, 61.cinnamon, 62.liquorice, 63.nutmeg, 64.clove, 65.coconut, 66.hazelnut, 67. almond, 68.oak, 69.sandalwood, 70.cedar, 71.pine, 72.quince jelly, 73.honey, sauce, 75.leather, 76.gravy,
  • 77.mushroom, 78.truffle, 79.tree moss, 80.corked, 81.sherry, 82.madeira, 83.vinegar, 84.nail polish remover, 85.rubber, 86.onion, 87.sweet corn, sweat

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