Conundrum Wines White Table Wine 2012 750ml

– Conundrum Wines White Table Wine 2012 750ml –
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Price: $ 19.94

Merchant: Saratoga Wine Exchange
Brand: Conundrum Wines

Vintage: 2012

2012 has, so far been a positive year for wineries around the world. While it may be a little too early to speak of the wines being made in the northern hemisphere, European and North American wineries have already begun reporting that their harvesting season has been generally very good, and are predicting to continue with the kind of successes they saw in 2011. However, 2012 has been something of a late year for France, due to unpredictable weather throughout the summer, and the grapes were ripening considerably later than they did in 2011 (which was, admittedly, an exceptionally early year). French wineries are claiming, though, that this could well turn out to be advantageous, as the slow ripening will allow the resulting wines to express more flavour and features of the terroir they are grown in. The southern hemisphere has seen ideal climatic conditions in most of the key wine producing countries, and Australia and New Zealand particularly had a superb year, in particular with the Bordeaux varietal grapes that grow there and which love the humidity these countries received plenty of. Also enjoying a fantastic year for weather were wineries across Argentina and Chile, with the Mendoza region claiming that 2012 will be one of their best vintages of the past decade. Similar claims are being made across the Chilean wine regions, where Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon had an especially good year. These two grape varietals also produced characterful wines on the coastal regions of South Africa this year.

Learning About Wines

Learning about wine takes practice and patience. What tastes good to you may not fare the same with someone else. Trying different wines at restaurants will give an idea of what white and red wines taste like with certain foods. This article will give tips in pairing wines with foods and what temperature to serve them.

Wine is usually created from grapes, but other fruits or berries can also be used. White wines usually go well with chicken, seafood, pork or turkey. Red wines are usually paired with proteins such as beef, duck, lamb, veal and some types of pasta. These suggestions are not always the norm. As you are learning about wines, your personal preference will play a role in what is pleasing to you.

Learning about wine means tasting different varieties. Trying them with different foods at restaurants is one way to get started. Once you’ve found a wine that pleases your palate, your next stop is the local wine shop. If you can find the type of wine that was served in the restaurant, that’s your best bet. If not, browse the section that closely matches your chosen wine. For example, if you enjoyed a white wine, glance through the white wine section.

Once you’ve chosen your bottle of wine, you’ll need to know the best serving temperature. White wines should be served chilled, around 35 degrees Fahrenheit. Some people may want to let white wines warm up to around 50 degrees before serving. When serving red wines, room temperature is the norm-around 60 degrees. If you want to get technical, there are devices that will show the temperature of your wine. You can find these gadgets online or in fine department stores.

Wine doesn’t have to be expensive to be good for you.

When consumed in moderation-one to two glasses per day-wine has many health benefits. Wine can reduce coronary disease, promote healthier blood vessels, and decrease the risks of some types of cancer. Learning about wines can not only be a worthwhile hobby, it can also be beneficial to your health.

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