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– Magnificent Wine Company House Wine Chardonnay 750ml – Columbia Valley
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Price: $ 12.64

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One of the world’s most popular white wine grape vines Chardonnay comes the Burgundy region and it is used to make sparkling wines and Champagne. Chardonnay is one of only three grape vines planted in the Champagne region of France. Chardonnay wines are made in a wide variety of styles and go well with many kinds of food. Chardonnay pairs well with poultry, ham and seafood.

Chenin Blanc

Chenin Blanc is a versatile white wine grape vine used to make dessert wines, white wines, sparkling wines and brandy. The Chenin Blanc variety is originally from the Loire valley of France and is noted for it’s high acidity. It is appreciated for it’s ability to make both dry and sweet wines. Chenin Blanc pairs well poultry, spicy foods and seafood.


One of the top white wine grape varieties Riesling originates from the Rhine region of Germany. It is used to make both sweet and dry white wines as well as sparkling white wines. Riesling is noted for it’s fruity, flowery aroma which has been described as peach, grapefruit, honey, apple and even rose flower. Riesling pairs well with pork, seafood and poultry.

Sauvignon Blanc

The name Sauvignon Blanc is derived from the French words sauvage meaning wild and blanc meaning white. Sauvignon Blanc owes it origins to south west France and is now planted world wide. The aroma of Sauvignon Blanc can be described as fresh and tropical. Sauvignon Blanc pairs well with poultry, pork and seafood.

Pinot Blanc

Pinot Blanc is grown most notably in the Alsace region of eastern France.

It produces a light refreshing white wine with a fruity aroma of almond, apple, peaches and pears. It is one of very few white grapes allowed in Champagne. Pinot Blanc pairs well with seafood, pork and mild cheese.

Muscat of Alexandria

Muscat of Alexandria is one of the oldest examples of Vitis vinifera to be cultivated and it was enjoyed by the famous figures of classical ancient Mediterranean history. Believed to have originated in North Africa Muscat of Alexandria is characterized by a sweet floral aroma. Muscat of Alexandria pairs well with salads, pork and fruit.

Pinot Grigio

Also commonly known as Pinot Gris, the name Pinot Grigio is derived from the French word gris meaning grey and is a reference to it’s grayish blue grapes. It is used to make crisp, dry white wine in Italy and France and has an aroma of peach, melon and grapefruit. Pinot Grigio pairs well with pasta, salami and seafood.


Gewurztraminer gets it’s name from the German word Gewurz which means spice. Gewurztraminer is grown in Germany, Austria and the Alsace region of France. It prefers cooler climates and is highly aromatic with a bouquet of passion fruit and roses. Gewurztraminer pairs well with poultry, pizza and dessert fruits.


At one time Semillon grape vines were the most planted grape vines in the world, but this is no longer the case. Part of it’s popularity is it’s steady productivity and resistance to common grape vine diseases Semillon is now grown mainly in the Bordeaux region of France where it is used in the production of Sauternes. Semillon pairs well with seafood, pasta and salad.

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