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Having lived in Napa for many years and the fact that I used to give wine tours there I believe I can give you the best answer on this.
First off, stay off the highway and stay on Silverado Trail which runs parallel to the hwy.
Most tourists stay on the hwy so traffic and crowds will hamper your enjoyment.
The wine on the ‘trail’ is JUST as fine and there are less crowds so you will get more attention from the porers.
Start with Luna. It is the first one you will see and I highly recommend it. I have been there hundreds of times.
It is tricky to choose the others because of all the great choices.
Something to keep in mind. Everyone sets out to hit 6 or 7 wineries, but most only make it to 3. You will be having such a great time that you will stay at each winery longer than you planned. If you rush and are very disciplined about leaving you can get in 5 and then end the day with one of the few wineries that have tasting rooms open late. Like Domain Chandon or Peju.
Couple of choices on the trail: Reguaci winery (also has the best olive oil in the world) and Silverado winery which has one of the best views in the valley and has great wine at affordable prices.
Important note: The cops are actively looking for DUI’s in the valley. Have a designated driver or better yet, have everyone chip in and get a limo. TRUST me, it is a LOT cheaper than a DUI. I know ?

As far as the hotel goes I have dealt with many many of them and can’t think of any to tell you to stay away from. Just look in the Napa section on and choose one closest to where you want to be.

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James L. Barrett Dies; Pioneering Napa Vintner
Napa Valley has so many great wineries. The wineries in Calistoga tend to be smaller, more family owned wineries that charge less for tasting than other Napa cities.

Many people enjoy going to Sterling Vineyards. What makes this winery unique is that you ride a tram up to the top of the hill where you are seated and wine brought to you for tasting.

If you enjoy a good Cabernet, I’d suggest Silver Oak and Chimney Rock. Domaine Carneros has great sparkling wines and one of the very best views in the valley.

For a list of wineries in Napa with tasting rooms and more info visit:

James L. Barrett Dies; Pioneering Napa Vintner
Go to call the chamber of commerce to see..

James L. Barrett Dies; Pioneering Napa Vintner
That means it’s gone.
Sold out.
( Must have been a good year for that winery).

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How Many Tasting Rooms Are Enough?
In some you must pay a fee. Paying a fee is becoming more common in wine tasting rooms everywhere. Free tastings still can be found in wineries and breweries but these are becoming less available as they will soon in Canada too.

How Many Tasting Rooms Are Enough?

Go to one of the many wine areas and start visiting wineries.

About an hours drive north of Los Angeles is the wine region of Santa Barbara featured in the movie ‘Sideways’, head for the little town of Los Olivos where there are tasting rooms and details of the wineries or you can print out the Sideways winery map, link below.

South of Los Angeles is the compact wine area of Temecula Valley, wineries close together and easy to get to, not as crowded as Santa Barbara.

I’ve been to both – you’ll love it!!


How Many Tasting Rooms Are Enough?
For starters, ‘degustatio vinorum’ would be ‘a tasting of wines’.
(Tasting only one wine would be ‘vini’.)

If you want to say you are fond of wine, ‘vinosus sum’ (masc) or ‘vinosa sum’ (fem).

The Romans had a pretty wide vocabulary for wine – there’s even a word (pytisma) that means ‘wine spit out at a wine tasting’.

How Many Tasting Rooms Are Enough?
Merlot: full-bodied, fruity but dry. Serve with–Mild Cheeses, Strong Cheeses, Beef/BBQ, Lamb, Heavy Pasta, Poultry.

Zinfandel: Medium-bodied, rich and dry. Serve with–Strong Cheese, Sandwiches, Asian Food, Beef/BBQ, Pork/Veal, Lamb, Heavy Pasta, Poultry, Salmon/Tuna

How Many Tasting Rooms Are Enough?
I too have been to Conneaut Cellars. they have excellent wines in many varieties. Give it a try.

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