Red wine is a great drink with a very unique taste and it often works well with meats and fish as part of an evening meal. This drink can also be enjoyed on an individual level although some people know more about the process of wine making and the different tastes and grapes used than others.

Wine is produced in a number of countries but when we think of the word wine we normally have associations with France, Italy, Australia, South Africa, Spain and even the UK in terms of places of mass production for the drink. Red wine is one of the more popular selections as well as the traditional white and rose flavours too. Although red wine is made by processing red and black grapes, the end product will vary depending on a number of factors including the type of grape used, the country they’ve grown in, the conditions of the soil and the temperature. A good wine is considered to be one that encompasses all of these factors that results in a balanced taste.

Some of the more traditional red wines include the following:

Cabernet Sauvignon

This wine can be found in a lot of wine regions and one of the popular places for the harvesting of this wine is in France, particularly Bordeaux. The reason for this location is because as the name suggests the grape contributes to some of the fine Bordeaux wines. Cabernet Sauvignon is a dark coloured wine which has a mix of flavours, with quite a dry taste. It can also age very well if left for a number of years and it is among the most popular choice of wines for people in the UK.


This type of wine has grown in popularity over the last decade to become another well-liked red wine. In contrast to the Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot has a mellow softness and it features rich flavours of blackberry, cherry and plum and is also very pleasant to drink due to its low acidity. As it’s a common type of wine, it’s produced in many of the popular countries including Argentina, Italy and especially France.


This medium bodied wine has a raspberry flavour and has also gained popularity over recent years. Grenache is produced in Spain, California, as well as France and is another pleasant drink like Merlot, even though their flavours are both very distinctive.


Normally produced in California this grape needs the heat and sunshine to produce its full flavours. It has a low acidity with spicy flavours, so it varies from the other wines mentioned above and will have its own unique and individual taste. This wine is often mixed and blended with other grapes, although they are not normally mentioned on the bottle when you purchase the wine.

It all depends what your preferences are when it comes to wine but the ones mentioned above are some of the more popular and different types of red available. Taste, flavour, blend and grapes all contribute to an ideal wine and getting the mix right is a task in itself for the regions in which they’re harvested.

You will find that individual preference will also have an effect on the type of red wine that you like to drink. You should use this article as a starting guide and then try out different wines when you are at home or entertaining guests for dinner as this gives you an ideal opportunity to do so. Once you have tried out a mix of different red wines you will learn which flavours you prefer from the vast amount of red wines available.

Vincent Norman writes for a number of UK businesses. For an Iron Wine Rack he recommends Cast in Style.

Vincent Norman writes for a number of UK businesses. For an he recommends Cast in Style.

Author Bio: Vincent Norman writes for a number of UK businesses. For an Iron Wine Rack he recommends Cast in Style.

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