Simple Modern Spirit Red Wine Bundle – 2 12oz A Glass Of Wine Stemless Glass Glasses with Covers & 1 Bottle – Vacuum Cleaner Shielded 18/8 Stainless Steel Pattern: Carrara Marble

Simple Modern Spirit A Glass Of Wine Package – 2 12oz White Wine Tumbler Glasses with Lids & 1 Bottle – Vacuum Cleaner Insulated 18/8 Stainless-steel Pattern: Carrara Marble

Price: $39.99 Shade: Pattern: Carrara Marble Version: White Wine Stemless Glass Service warranty: 90 Day Maker Brand Name: Straightforward Modern


  • Spirit White Wine Bundle: Includes 2 12oz red wine tumblers and one 25oz bottle
  • Vacuum Cleaner Protected: Straightforward Modern red wine stemless glass as well as bottle are dual walled as well as vacuum cleaner protected, which maintains your favorite drink hot or chilly for hours
  • Premium 18/8 Stainless-steel: A glass of wine bottle and also stemless glass are made from premium, food-grade 18/8 stainless-steel and also is covered in a resilient finish
  • Premium Copper Coated Insulation Layer: The outside of the internal wall, in the vacuum sealed location, is coated in a thin layer of copper for included insulation
  • Why Simple Modern: Our core principles of Generosity as well as Excellence have inspired us to sell high top quality items, act as wonderful partners with everyone we interact with, and distribute a minimum of 10% of our profits

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49 thoughts on “Simple Modern Spirit Red Wine Bundle – 2 12oz A Glass Of Wine Stemless Glass Glasses with Covers & 1 Bottle – Vacuum Cleaner Shielded 18/8 Stainless Steel Pattern: Carrara Marble

  1. Im new to this and I might sound dumb but, how much do you get used to the taste of alcohol? Is it like "oh, this taste like shit but im no lil bitch" or does your tongue actually get accustomed to the strong taste/smell?

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  2. yes i did learn like generally three category as commonly regarded as beer, wine and whiskey.. according to alchhol content. normally ascending in order of content i.e beer- wine- french liqueure- different whiskeys- moon shine(high content, not aged whiskey). whiskeys can be classified on basis of place of origin like american, canadian, scotish, irish and all, alchohol content ranging from 70-100% proof, can be single malt or double(multiple?.. concept of malt?), highly flavoured or low, ingredient type?( grains, fruit, sugercane..?) and its colour do not mainly tells weather aged, spiced or not. is that right

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  3. The first thing i notice is that this is suppose to be alcohol 101 and your are told we are not going to talk about vodka. tad misleading title.

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  4. Generally when you order whisky in a bar you get the cheapest stuff (jack daniels, jim beam and such) if you don’t ask a specific whisky/whiskey/bourbon. The cheapest ones have aged for a smaller time such as the whiskeys in this video were aged for 10 years and they have generally a more tangier and stronger taste. But if you order a 15-20 year old highland park/ glenn mc kenna what ever you get a great smooth and more perfected taste

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  5. have some questions in mind.. wine always made with fruits.. grapes mainly and not grains or anything? concept of malt? briefly tell about scotch, gin, snops, rum referring towards ingredients. if we consider variables here what it would be in case of alcoholic breverages .. aging, main ingredient, spices & mixes, colour, process- malt? or some other

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  6. So I have only tried beer and the only liqour I have tried is crown Royal peach. Its a limited edition Canadian whiskey. Was super smooth and yummy. but I don’t know much about spirits and such so this video was helpful. Thanks

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  7. I like drinks that taste sweet, some men said that is a female drink, but I can’t drink strong alcohol becase I get sick. I like drinkike Baylis, Kalia etc. Any recommendation of other mix that I can drink?

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  8. Damn I didn’t expect you to be drinking Hennessy. Not to start anything with anyone but from my own experience it’s mostly nonwhite people that drink Hennessy

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  9. I’m 16 and I drink occasionally. I love tequila and limeade. I also like vodka and sweet tea, straight vodka, straight tequila, and Kahlua and half/half or just straight Kahlua. I know 16 is kinda young to be drinking but I’m very responsible I would never go out in public or drive drunk when I get my license. It’s just common sense really lol.

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