9000 Years of Wine: A Globe Background

9000 Years of White Wine: A World History

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8 thoughts on “9000 Years of Wine: A Globe Background

  1. Great videos, I really like the quizzes.
    Just a couple of corrections:
    1. Rome adopts Christianity in 313AD. In 150 BC Rome was still celebrating the conquest of Carthage, with a lot of wine.
    2. The first vines brought to Brazil we’re done by the Portuguese and not the Spanish.

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  2. This was great. I loved it! I would say that wine became an important part of the sacrament for the church because it was an essential part of the Jewish Passover meal – upon which the last supper was based. Also Fun Fact: if we were to tackle the question from the Bible, Noah is seen as thr forst winemaker as he planted vineyards immediately upon leaving the Ark.

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