The History of A Glass Of Wine in 100 Bottles: From Bacchus to Bordeaux and Beyond

The Background of White Wine in 100 Bottles: From Bacchus to Bordeaux and Beyond

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””/ > < img design=" float: left; margin:0 5px 5px 0;" src=""/ > Modern Marvels: Exactly How A Glass Of Wine Is Made- Full Episode( S13, E54 )| History < img design= "float: left; margin:0 5px 5px 0;" src =""/ > Love Modern Marvels? Keep up to day on all of your favored Background shows at White wine is an important part of our society as well as even more white wine is taken in today than ever in the past. Paying tribute to white wine’s unique history
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44 thoughts on “The History of A Glass Of Wine in 100 Bottles: From Bacchus to Bordeaux and Beyond

  1. As a child my parents purchased a house that had Welch’s grapes growing in the back and side yards.
    Mom made jellies and one time some wine…

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  2. The American wine makers beat the French wine effecianatos because. Its just freaking grapes….Whoooo the secret is out,time,patients love,grapes,Wine…

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  3. I’ve been drinking Ste. Genevieve pink moscato wine that is bottled in Fort Stockton, Texas and it can only be sold in Texas. It’s really good too and I prefer to drink all of my wine very chilled, especially because the weather here in Texas right now is 90 F or higher every day.
    I try to pair the wine I buy with food I cook but when it comes down to it I’ll drink what I want most times without no concern over pairing.
    Wine is good, wine is great, eith a glass in hand I can hardly wait.

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  4. Real winemakers walk their vineyards I dispies mantech in winemaking. No Arial pic will tell you what you need to know you have to touch the vines.

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  5. The human touch is something that is out of reach of the most modern computers. Proof of this exists within the top end car production such as Rolls Royce and Bugatti. To be clear it also includes vehicles designed for use in space travel. Instead of computer manipulation, people are used to flesh out surface imperfections.

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  6. Wine industry 20 years. I’ll share some inside info. Of all the brands you see in your mega wine shop or grocery store, approx 25% come from actual wineries you can visit. 75% of the wines are just names & labels.

    There is a secondary bulk wine market. Here’s how it works. A company like Bronco produces more wine than they can ever sell as cased goods. They keep it in those giant refrigerated tanks. They sell thousands of gallons to smaller wineries who need extra ‘juice’ (wine).

    Works both ways. Smaller wineries may produce the equivalent of, say 20k cases, but based on sales forecasts, they only need 15k cases. They sell their extra ‘juice’ to other wineries who need extra wine. There are bulk wine brokers who negotiate wine between wineries.
    Or a company like Bronco agrees to buy the extra wine at a huge discount. They send a truck, hook up a hose to your tank, take all your extra wine & cut you a check the same day. Simple.

    Then Bronco bottles that wine from a great place like Napa or Sonoma, and sells it in one of their own labels for half the price of the ‘name’ winery. This is all totally normal and it’s just another part of the wine industry. There are lots of companies like Bronco small, big & giant.

    Sometimes a small winery produces a great wine in a given year but they dont have enough. They can buy extra bulk wine from Bronco or similar, and ‘extend’ a vintage of, say a great Russian River Chardonnay in a great year. They can blend in up to 25% of anything to make more wine. Although usually in a really great wine they dont want to alter the characteristics too much. In that case, they either raise the price or pull their discounts (but that’s another convo for another day).

    Last thing:
    Let’s say you & I decide to create a wine. We come up with a cool label & a budget. We can go to Bronco (or similar) and buy whatever we need. Any varietal, from any AVA, in any quantity. They will even bottle it for you and keep it on their warehouse floor for you for pickup when you get sales.

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  7. I come from a family of beer drinkers .My youngest brother is all into craft beers. I dont like beer at all .My preference is wine and sometimes I will drink gin

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  8. If a glass is chilled to freezing then rinsed quickly with water, a carbonated beverage will not lose its bobbles, as they fizz up or over the top of the glass.
    This applies to Beer Champagne as well as carbonated soft drinks. I hate it when that happens…

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  9. Ok, it’s a well-done documentary. One missing detail is that American wines contain up to 13 added chemicals, to make them consumable, thanks to the Van Waters Rogers chemical company or others. It’s not the European way. Stay natural and simple.

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  10. I’m not gonna lie, as someone who greatly appreciates the traditions and histories associated with craft wines, seeing that Bronco facility genuinely horrified me.

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  11. Genises said after the flood Noah became a maker of wine. The flood happened 2370 years BCE add 2020 you get 4390 years ago Noah came off the ark. This is the first written record of winemaking.

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