Proper wine storage is the best way to protect your quality wines so that they last for a long time. Wine storage provides an ideal temperatures and maximum storage space so that you can find the wines you want easily and quickly. There are many specialty companies that create storage units in a variety of options. Wood and metal racks are available as well as cooling units, cabinets and fridges. Some are elegant and some are simple, and they come in different shapes and sizes to meet your needs. Your choice will depend on your taste, supply and budget. The most popular choices include racks, cabinets, table top units and rack cubes.

Wine Racks

Racks come in wood and metal. They are also available for commercial businesses. This is the easiest solution if a person has a small supply of bottles. With regards to the wood racks, there are usually a few different shades to choose from. They also come in many different sizes and shapes. There are table top racks, scalloped racks, display top racks and other styles for wood racks. They are perfect for the decoration of any elegant room. They are elegant and beautiful additions to any collection. If you are not interested in wooden wine racks, then you can choose a metal base. Metal racks come in 36″ or 48″ sizes. They are also available for decorative bottlers or larger bottles. There are also floor to ceiling frames that can add character to any room. Finally, commercial racks are larger and come in wood or metal, allowing companies to choose which option best suites their place of business.

Wine Cabinets

Cabinets offer elegance and safe storage for your wine collection. They are a great addition to any living or dining room. There are also built in cooling systems to protect your supply. Cabinets are usually made out of high quality oak but can come in different shades. They come in 220, 330 or 440 bottle storage sizes. Some companies may also have a credenza cabinet with a 216 bottle storage and cooling system. Depending on the company, it might be possible to customize your own style and color to match your home. The cooling units have temperature adjustments and professionally designed storage to protect your investment. They may be considered storage space, but these beautifully handcrafted cabinets are made so that you and your guests will be amazed.

Table Top Units

Table top units come in different shades of wood. They store anywhere from 24 to 48 bottles safely in a limited space. This option is for people who want to store a limited supply in a small space. The wines can be displayed for guests to see, giving them a variety of options to choose from. Pine and redwood are the most popular wood finishes, and they can complement any home. They are also affordable, practical, sturdy and attractive additions to any kitchen, living or dining room.

Wine Rack Cubes

Rack cubes are modern and easy storage units for about 24 bottles. They are designed to save space and create a neat look whether in a wine cellar or dining room area. Cubes come in many different sizes and a few wood colors. Two shades of pine and two shades or redwood are available for buyers to choose from. Sometimes two rack cubes can be purchased to be placed side by side or on top of each other. If your selection is larger, then four can be bought to create a large storage cube. There are also bins to store cases and other items and supplies. These may be placed in a wine cellar for storage and organization.

WineRacksAmerica has many different options for your wine storage needs. They range in color, size and style. Check out their inventory to find an ideal storage system that meets your taste, budget and supply.

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