Everybody knows what happens to wine after the bottle is opened. If it is left opened, the wonderful drink will soon lose its zing and will become tasteless or even unpleasant.

Numerous manners of wine protection after opening have been designed. The simplest way to keep the bottle well closed is the usage of a wine stopper. Are wine stoppers really effective and how does it happen?

Wine and bottle stoppers in general are made of various materials. They can be made of glass, metal or cork. The material itself will also play a role when it comes to keeping wine tasty.

According to statistics, traditional cork wine stoppers can lead to some problems. Though they are widely used, one out of 20 bottles of wine gets spoiled after opening because of unstable compounds in the cork stopper.

Oxygen is the substance that spoils the taste of wine as time passes. Good stoppers will provide a tight seal, keeping oxygen out.

Glass stoppers are considered to be of good quality, though they are more expensive.

It is important to know that the tight seal is of uttermost importance. Quality wine stoppers fit finely into the mouth of the bottle, letting no air go inside. When it comes to seal, rubber stoppers are probably the most efficient ones, though they look less fancy and beautiful than metal or glass wine stoppers.

To make sure that the bottle is closed in an adequate manner, you will have to take proper care of your wine stoppers.

Most wine stoppers have rubber built into them, in order to provide tight seal. Examine the rubber parts to make sure that they are flexible. If the rubber becomes stiff or if it starts breaking apart, you should replace the wine stopper.

Cork stoppers, especially if they are made of natural cork can also get damaged after some time passes. If the cork starts breaking into small pieces, it should no longer be inserted into a bottle. The cork pieces can spoil the wine, instead of protecting it.

Knowing how to insert the stopper into the wine bottle will also prolong the life of an open bottle. The motion needs to be circular. Insert the bottle as far down the mouth of the bottle as it goes. Make sure that there are no hollow spaces.

Using the original bottle stopper is not always the best idea. The cork at the bottom is already moist and most of us just turn the stopper upside down. Though this is partially effective, it cannot deal with the fact that oxygen has already entered the bottle.

The most efficient methods of preserving wine include gassing and the use of wine stoppers. Pumps should be used to get the oxygen out, replacing it with a certain harmless gas. The insertion of gas before the use of a wine opener will further prolong the life of your wine. Such pumps are available for mass home use and you can easily purchase one alongside your wine stoppers.

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