For all those people who are addicted to wine, a wine cooler at home is essential. This wine cooler, also called as wine refrigerator, may be a small or a big one depending on the space, affordability and need. Though many people might feel that it could be saved in the refrigerator itself, there are reasons that lead to the need of it being saved in a separate wine cooler like saving space in the refrigerator and protection from UV rays.

Wine generally is not something that is consumed as soon as it is bought. So, it has to be well preserved so that it can be used at later point of time. This can be best done when there is a wine cooler fridge. This is because of the fact that usually, wine has to be stored in dark areas if exposed to UV rays they might either get spoilt or the taste might undergo a change. Further, wine coolers can help in the maintenance of the right temperatures that are needed for the storage of wine, which cannot be done when it is stored in a normal refrigerator because the temperature will have to suit the other products that are kept in store there. A wine cooler also maintains idle humidity and keeps the wine without suffering from vibration.

The idle temperature to store wine is 55 degree F or 13 degree C. It can be stored in cooler temperatures also. But, in case of the normal kitchen refrigerators, it happens to be very cold and moreover, it tends to fluctuate every time it is opened and closed. The same is the case when it is stored in closed closets or garages. Another reason is that, with the help of wine coolers, wine can be protected from the odours of other food items.

While storing the wine bottles in a wine cooler, it has to be ensured that the bottles are laid on their sides. This is because the cork of the bottle has to be kept moist as otherwise, air might enter the bottle and this will spoil the wine. To control the humidity in the wine coolers as humidity is an important factor in the preservation of wine, there are wine cellars. There are also certain wine cellars which provide three different zones of temperature. So, when the person is going to drink the wine, he will have the choice of taking it out of one zone and preserving it in another zone, according to the temperature he requires.

Wine coolers come in different sizes ranging from a simple four bottle cooler, which are best for a small apartment. This can easily be fit into any corner of the room, and the person does not have to bother about the availability of space. There are also huge ones, which might be useful to store a lot of bottles and these are best for parties and also in pubs and hotels. They are also available in a number of designs. So, a person can get any kind of wine cooler he needs based on his choice.

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