Everybody loves to drink their favorite wine with their friends and family at their favorite restaurant, but I don’t think anybody likes those unsightly stains that wine leaves behind on your teeth.

Why does wine stain your teeth and how can you minimize its effect?

When it comes to staining, it’s the acid in combination with the pigments in the wine that causes those ugly stains on your teeth. The acid weakens the enamel, roughening it up enough to allow the wine pigments to adhere to the surface. In fact some people think that only red wine stains the teeth, but that simply isn’t true. There’s enough acid in white wine to weaken the enamel of your teeth and leave a stain from the pigments. Although not as pronounced, white wine will stain the teeth.

Here’s 4 ways you can use to keep drinking your wine while minimizing those stains to a minimum.

Toothpaste With a Whitening Agent

This can really help with the stains. It’s really important though not to brush immediately after drinking wine. The reason for this is because the enamel on the teeth has been weakened by the acid in the wine and could make the problem worse. Also, don’t brush too hard for the same reasons.

Wine Wipes

This can be very effective in ridding your teeth of those unattractive stains that wine can produce. These can be used immediately after you drink a glass and are as easy as wiping your teeth. Depending on how much you drink, this could become quite expensive, but it is an easy and convenient way to nip the problem in the bud by not having to wait until later to address the problem.


Although this might not completely rid you of the stains, water can minimize the stain buildup on your teeth. Have some water on hand to take a swig or two in between your sips of wine.

Also with your water, eat some cheese and run it on the surface of your teeth. Although this has no scientific bases at all, the water and cheese can help neutralize the wine and potential stains it produces on your teeth.

Drink Your Wine Through a Straw

Now most people will laugh this one right out of the club or restaurant, but it’s worth considering. It all depends on how important it is for you to minimize the stains on your teeth. In this case, the best solution is not allowing the wine to contact your teeth at all.

If you want to enjoy a glass of wine, but you definitely can’t have any stains on your teeth, then this does become a viable option. Of course, you’ll need to be ready to get stared at and also put up with laughs from friends and others who see you do it.

Drinking wine is something most people love, but the effect of wine stains on your teeth can put a damper on the fun. So, by following the different tips in this article, you can enjoy your wine, minimize the stains on your teeth and continue having a great time drinking your favorite wines.

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