Primoxe “Ah So” Wine Opener-The Connoisseur’s Delight

Primoxe introduces its own take on the AhSo wine opener; a man’s best friend when it comes to opening a vintage bottle of wine that makes broken corks a thing of the past.

A Design With a Purpose

Whether there’s a wine tasting gathering ahead or you simply want to relax and enjoy your favorite wine, our cork puller helps you open your wine in style while keeping the cork intact.

Also known as the Butler’s friend, the “Ah So” wine opener design features two prongs that can remove the cork without damaging it.

This helps with:

    ✅ Brittle corks

    ✅ Avoiding breakage and contamination of wine

    ✅ Opening vintage bottles of wine flawlessly

    ✅ Keeping cork intact for collection

? Doubles as a Bottle Opener: Put the prong sheath on our wine opener and use it as a regular bottle cap opener for beer, sodas, fizzy drinks and more.

? Stainless Steel Construction: Created to be your reliable kitchen gadget for years on end, our cork puller is made out of high-end stainless steel and features sleek looks that compliment any kitchen setting.

? Premium Gifting Case: For the man in your life with an eclectic taste, our opener is presented in a minimalist metal case that instantly elevates the gifting experience.

? Travel Friendly: Wine tasting on the go? Throw your opener in any suitcase or even in your back-pocket and you’re ready to go!

Primoxe- Redefining Finesse for Men

Primoxe focuses on delivering accessories for men who know how to live the good life and our wine opener is a testament to exactly that- Being Purposeful with Style.

Fully Backed by our 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

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Product Features

  • 2 IN 1 CORK PULLER & BOTTLE OPENER- For the man that likes practicality as much as he likes his wines, Primoxe introduces a high-end “Ah-So” wine bottle opener that keeps your cork intact and can also double as a regular bottle opener thanks to its smart design.
  • DOUBLE FUNCTIONALITY- Apart from opening any wine bottle, our intelligent wine gadget can serve you as a regular bottle opener for beer bottles, fizzy drinks or anything that strikes your fancy. Put the prong sheath on, enjoy the steady grip and pop a bottle open as the day comes to a refreshing end.
  • PURE STAINLESS STEEL- Having a reliable wine opener that will serve you without a fail is a must for any man that knows his wines and knows how to enjoy them properly. Our ahso wine opener is made with Stainless Steel all the way through, for high-end durability and a look that conveys finesse.
  • KEEPS YOUR CORK INTACT- Unlike standard rabbit corkscrews, our wine bottle opener was designed to keep the cork intact and works beautifully with vintage wine bottles where the cork might be brittle or decomposed from aging. Its two prongs carefully “hug” the cork and pull it out intact, allowing you to save the cork to your collection and preserve your expensive wine from contamination.
  • DELUXE GIFTING CASE- The Primoxe 2 in 1 wine and bottle opener is dressed to impress as it comes in a sleek metal case. An amazing gifting choice for any wine enthusiast and connoisseur, our cork puller will be thoroughly appreciated for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Father’s Days or any special occasion worthy of a high-tier gift.

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