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Coravin 3 Needle Kit, Black
I purchased this set after losing a vintage bottle of wine (1974 Barolo) after only a few days of accessing with the standard size needle that comes with the Coravin. The cork did leak somewhat also. I am hoping that the thinner needle will work a whole lot better than the standard size. For the price of the Coravin, I think that one should have been included with it, and of course I am not too happy about wasting some good wine. I have not experimented with this yet.. stay tuned…

Lifefactory 11-Ounce BPA-Free Indoor/Outdoor Wine Glass with Protective Silicone Sleeve, Huckleberry, Set of 2
Since ordering this first set of glasses from Lifefactory, we have order 2 more in different colors. To be conservative with water and to keep from over indulging in wine, these were a perfect size. When company comes, the color coded glasses help distinguish who’s is who’s. They are sturdy, clean up well, does not hold water behind the colored rubbery sheath. If accidentally knocked over, due to its design it doesn’t tip all the way down which can minimize the spill if it wasn’t completely…

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