Maximum protection guaranteed to any glass bottle! These travel wine bags for are padded inside with two layers of bubble wrap cushions to protect from knocks or bumps. In the rare case of breaking, inside luggage will stay dry. Triple Protection will ensure no liquid will ruin your clothes. This is ensured by the Two Step Zip-Lock system, and a strong velcro seal at the bottom. This wine tote bag guarantees that everything will arrive home intact from your trip.

2 LAYERS OF THICK BUBBLE CUSHION – other wine protectors offer just one
2 STRONG ZIP LOCK SEALS – makes it leak-prof in case of accidents
1 VELCRO STRIP – last protective barrier, seals & wraps everything tight
STRONG OUTER SHELL – absorbs kicks and knocks on the trip
ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY – help protect the environment utilizing reusable wine bags

Other product names:
4 pack reusable wine bottle protector sleeve for luggage and travel bags black accessory airline skin set suitecase leak proof diaper airplane baggage box case inner waterproof pouch traveling vino backpack shipping magnum.

Product Features

  • ✈Wine bag for travel – Not just another bubble wrap – Triple Protection – Premium quality and stylish design. WINEVICHI is the best choice from all the available travel wine bags for suitcase.
  • ✈Wine bag is a great safe way to transfer wine in your travel bags. 2 layers of thick bubble cushion will protect fragile bottles, while the two steps Zip-lock system and velcro seal below will prevent any leak in your travel bag.
  • ✈Easy to use – place a bottle of your favorite wine to the bag, lock the double zip lock, set the velcro seal and be sure your bottle is safely protected. If you travel by plane, train, ship, bus, or car take WINEVICHI with you. Suitable for bottle under 1 littre.
  • ✈Help protect nature! Stop the money waist for one-off protection tubes and bubble film! Our reusable protection bag for wine bottles you’ll reduce plastic waste. Set a good example for everyone.
  • ✈WINEVICHI wine travel bag airplane is not only a trouble-proof touristic accessory but also a good gift for any wine lover.

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